General Contractor – Thorne Associates
Electrician – Titan Electric
Millwork – Great Lakes Architectural Woodworking, Inc.
Painter – Eastlake Painting
Paint – ICI, Winter Walk #30GG 83/013; custom blue and grey to match client brand colors
Graphics – N'Dio Inc.
Carpet – Atlas Carpet Inizio, Navarro Thin Ice #NR-29; custom blue to match client brand color
Carpet Installation – S & M Carpets
Plastic Laminate – Wilsonart, Designer White #D354-60
Upholstery – Naugahide, NaugaSilk - Silver Mink #CB-14
Chairs – SitOnIt Seating, Relay Series
Lighting – WAC, J-Series Track & Fixtures
Mobile Pedestals – Office Specialty