Jasper Tails Haras

We lost a very special member of the marquardt+ family yesterday. Jasper, Lauren’s very sweet, fluffy, loving goldenpoodle went into the ER Wednesday evening with pain, and ended up needing surgery for a malformation in his abdomen that was basically an aneurysm, causing internal bleeding. He went in for surgery, but was sadly unable to pull through. He was only 8 years old, so it came as quite a shock, and weighed even heavier since Jasper’s older feline brother, Rosenthal, just passed two months ago as well.

Jasper was in the office all the time, providing emotional support for all of us. If Vince wasn’t running up and down the office with him, Tom was playing with him on the back deck. Anytime someone needed a big, furry hug, he was right there.

Tom and Jasper cuddling by the conference table

jasper loved the snow
Jasper loved playing in the snow

Jasper just before his surgery, still with a smile on his face

Jasper’s medical bills got quite high during his hospital visit, so if you would like to give any amount to help Lauren out with these costs, you can do so here:
Save the Jasper Dog

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  1. Vince Gammino says: 03.16.201212:53 pm

    I am deeply saddened and stunned by Jasper’s so sudden departure. Yet I also feel joyous that I had the time with him. We became best buddies. Lauren – thank you for bringing Jasper to the studio more and more. He certainly put a contagiously happy face to my day. His exuberance and presence reminded me to be playfully, gently, and lovingly in the now.

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