who we were

m+ provided design for almost 3 decades. We practiced interdisciplinary design, or what many firms currently call collaborative design.

The studio was originally established by Tom Marquardt as Marquardt Design Collaboratives with three locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and London. In 2000 the company incorporated to Design Collaboratives and consolidated to their last location in Chicago, Logan Square. As the term ‘collaborative design’ became saturated in the market, Tom knew it was time for a change, and in 2011 they rebranded themselves as marquardt+ inc.

how we were

Our portfolio included a diverse collection of projects. All have one thing in common; passion. Our passion was what drove us, and combined with our team of savvy designers, architects, and marketing professionals, it’s why we designed circles around specialized firms that work in only one market segment.

Our clients appreciated our passion, attentiveness, and surprisingly fun and highly professional delivery of interdisciplinary expertise!

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